Our Procedures

Micropigmentation is the long lasting cosmetic make-up for eyebrows, eye-lining, lip-lining and full lip creation which offers the convenience of freedom from daily make-up application.


Eye Brow

The eyebrows are a very important feature of the face. They form a frame for the eyes.

Each individual's eyebrows are unique. The proper shape, balance and colour of the eyebrows will open up the eye area and give a more youthful appearance.


Correctly applied eyeliner will enhance the shape of the eyes and give the appearance of more eyelashes. Eyeliner opens up the eye area, adds more colour and gives more definition to the eye shape.

Lip Lining, Lip Blend, Full Lip, Colour

The Micro-pigmentation procedure gives more definition to the lip-line. The colour choice can be soft and natural or darker so creating a more defined line.

The lip blend takes colour further into the lip from the lip-line. It is ideal if wanting a bit more colour than just a line.

The full lip colour is perfect if your natural lip colour has faded. This treatment is excellent for women who find it annoying losing their lipstick during an important function, while on holiday or any time. The full lip colour gives definition to the lip line as well as giving colour over the whole lip area.


Micro-pigmentation can also be used for paramedical procedures such as re-pigmentation of areola/nipple after reconstructive surgery.

Pigment implantation can also be used for loss of hair from alopecia, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or accidents. Colour correction is possible for cosmetic make-up procedure mistakes, or pigment fade out to undesired colour. Correction of shape is also possible in most cases.

As in other New Zealand industries, there are those operators who misrepresent themselves as able to perform Micro-pigmentation procedures. Carol is generally able to "repair" the mistakes of these operators - and has been called upon to do so many times!

Treatment Visits Cost
Eyebrows 1st Visit $430.00
2nd Visit $280.00
Upper Eye-lining 1st Visit $390.00
2nd Visit $280.00
Lower Eye-lining 1st Visit $320.00
2nd Visit $280.00
Upper & Lower Eye-lining 1st Visit $430.00
2nd Visit $280.00
Lip Blend 1st Visit $490.00
2nd Visit $280.00
Lip-lining 1st Visit $430.00
2nd Visit $280.00
Full Lip Creation 1st Visit $580.00
2nd Visit $300.00
Areola/Nipple - Unilateral 1st Visit $390.00
2nd Visit $280.00
Areola/Nipple - Bilateral 1st Visit $420.00
2nd Visit $310.00

Salon hourly rates for touch-up treatments - $280.00

The second follow-up visit is very important. It is necessary to see how the pigment has healed in the skin the following procedure is a very important step in the whole cosmetic tattoo procedure

Our Benefits of Micro-pigmentation

Eyebrows, eye-lining, lip-lining and full lip colour that won't smudge or wipe off

Pigment on the lips to give more definition to the vermilion border Lip-line imperfections can be corrected

Added natural colour to the lips

Long lasting eye-lining for the visually impaired (e.g., contact lens wearers) or physically impaired (e.g., the arthritic)

Waterproof make-up for the athletic or sports person

Alopecia sufferers love long lasting make-up

Pigment can be implanted to give the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes (for those who lose their eyebrows through Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy)

Areola/Nipple area re-pigmentation after breast re-construction

Micro-pigmentation is suitable for both women and men

Colour correction for cosmetic make-up procedure mistakes or pigment fade-out to undesired colour

Correction of shape is possible in most cases